Monday, May 2, 2011

birthday boy

(Our camera takes horrible pictures, this is so dark!)

We celebrated Nate's 26th birthday on Friday, it was a little stressful, and a lot of fun!

Stressful because I decided to make dinner (which I RARELY do) and a cake, and didn't really have time to complete them both, let alone clean the house, wrap his gifts (one of which didn't get here until today), write him a thoughtful birthday card, or study for my finals...

Fun because he really liked the Clam Chowder (and so did I, minus the clams), the cake looked pretty nice, even though it wasn't the best, he was surprised/excited with the backpacking hammock I got him, and we got to go see the movie Hanna with his parents. ...and because he's just a good husband and even though he doesn't normally fold the laundry or make the bed, he did both of those things because he knew I had really wanted to get them done before he got home... it made me feel really guilty for a minute, but then I just decided it's okay that he is the sweetest husband I could ever ask for!

We're getting excited to go camping soon!! His new backpack came today, so hopefully we'll be off to break it in soon too!


  1. We didn't even know it was his birthday! Bummer! Happy Late bday, Nate!

  2. GAH! I just wrote a hugely, overly long comment and then it was gone with the push of a button. Here's the short of it: Give what you enjoy buying and giving. Forget about rotten registries. They are uncreative and un-fun. They can find a carrot peeler at the dollar store if it's that important. I like to give (and receive) unique pieces of pottery, vases, bowls. Things that are more artsy but useful too. Polish pottery can be affordable, lovely, and useful but also things that people don't usually buy for themselves. If you're thinking of something more manly, a headlamp or two from REI or a pocketknife, or something for a 72 hour kit are practical, interesting and fun to give. Oh, Doug and I both remember getting a gift of certificates to various fast food joints individually rolled and tied with bow then placed in a cute tin. It didn't seem like much but we made a couple trips to and from Utah and were happy to have them. Good luck.

  3. The cake looks good Katie! Happy late birthday to Nate too... We both remembered after the derby that it was his birthday the day before and we didn't say anything... sorry Nate! But it looks like you had a good one!