Monday, April 25, 2011


To "facebook" or not to "facebook"?

This is weird, but it's a real question I have. I have never had a fb account, and to be honest, I was REALLY against it when we were engaged and first married (I only cared because Nate had one... he was such a good sport to humor me by blowing it off for a long time). However, occasionally I run into an old friend or think about someone I haven't seen for a long time and would love to know how their life is.

For example: tonight I got a text message from a friend from about 6 years ago, that I haven't much contact with since. I felt kind of bad that I hadn't made an effort to keep in touch over the years, but I was really excited to hear from her!

I know I am probably part of the minority at this point, but I really haven't worried too much about it. Here are a few pros and cons I keep tossing around.

-I could keep in touch with old friends
-I could be more informed about friends lives
-Hopefully avoid being one of those people that can't accept new (not new anymore... I know) technology. :)

-I think I could waste a lot of time
-Should I worry about keeping in touch with people from the past when I should just be living my life.
-What if I become one of those people that is trying too hard to be involved with everything everyone else is doing.
-what if I look like a loser because I don't have very many fb friends? ;)jk

I'm sure there is more to add to each of these lists, what do you think?

I have a feeling this will be read by very few people that don't have a fb account... but I would still like to get your opinion. This blog post proves that I would waste time on fb, I've wasted 15 minutes just blogging about it. :)