Monday, April 25, 2011


To "facebook" or not to "facebook"?

This is weird, but it's a real question I have. I have never had a fb account, and to be honest, I was REALLY against it when we were engaged and first married (I only cared because Nate had one... he was such a good sport to humor me by blowing it off for a long time). However, occasionally I run into an old friend or think about someone I haven't seen for a long time and would love to know how their life is.

For example: tonight I got a text message from a friend from about 6 years ago, that I haven't much contact with since. I felt kind of bad that I hadn't made an effort to keep in touch over the years, but I was really excited to hear from her!

I know I am probably part of the minority at this point, but I really haven't worried too much about it. Here are a few pros and cons I keep tossing around.

-I could keep in touch with old friends
-I could be more informed about friends lives
-Hopefully avoid being one of those people that can't accept new (not new anymore... I know) technology. :)

-I think I could waste a lot of time
-Should I worry about keeping in touch with people from the past when I should just be living my life.
-What if I become one of those people that is trying too hard to be involved with everything everyone else is doing.
-what if I look like a loser because I don't have very many fb friends? ;)jk

I'm sure there is more to add to each of these lists, what do you think?

I have a feeling this will be read by very few people that don't have a fb account... but I would still like to get your opinion. This blog post proves that I would waste time on fb, I've wasted 15 minutes just blogging about it. :)


  1. I dropped FB when we got married (meaning I went from checking everyday to once every month or two). I have recently picked it up again only to realize that most of what is going on I don't really care about. With that said though, it has been good for me to be on FB for one really good reason: One of my converts just got his mission call this last weekend! Without FB, I would have never found out about it.
    That being said, the things people waste time on FB for don't really appeal to me. I pretty much use it like I would an e-mail account.

  2. Hi I'm Randee from the ward. We talked on Sunday. Well our husband's did mostly haha. I waste lots of time on fb. I'm just throwing that out there. But if you're disciplined it can be a good way to keep in touch.

  3. Get one! Get one! Get one! Can it be a waste of time? Yes. Is it entertaining? Yes. Do I want to fb stalk you. Triple YES!!!

  4. When I first went on to FB I was absolutely amazed by how much time I could waste. It was also a bit alarming when I began to think about old boyfriends that I reconnected with on FB. FB can be a dangerous place that way and I know it has been talked about in combine priesthood and relief society meetings. I rarely FB these days BUT the other day I was thinking about all these friends that I didn't have valid emails or phone numbers for and then I remember--Hey, we're friends on FB. It's very easy and kinda comforting that if you needed to reconnect with someone you can just send them a message. In the last year I've probably spent a max of 1 hour on FB but I've been able to locate people, especially from the mission, that I'd hate to lose contact with.

    Final word, go for it. Moderation in all things and please know you can ignore all the "like" and "game requests". Those are sooooo annoying.

  5. Well I do have an account on FB and it has been pretty good for the most part. I keep up on the people I still care to keep in touch with. And I was able to throw Nick a 30 surprise birthday with all the old nla gang without him finding out. I like to know how people are doing. And surprisingly enough it is super helpful as a ward missionary to see what people post. Sometimes they will bring up questions there that they won't bring up any other place. All and all I say get one. You don't have to be friends with everyone you've ever talked to either, just people you want to. And I am one of those losers with hardly any friends ;) So join the club. Michael also just found out through FB one of his investigators from the mission just got baptized so that was really cool for him.

  6. Thanks for all the advice! It's fun to hear from so many people I don't hear much from!! You may have swayed me to go ahead... besides, if it's anything like our blog, it won't get a lot of my attention. :)

  7. Hey Katie! Glad you got a fb account, it's like anything else in this world...we have to guard our time. It's fun to see what others are up to. Hope to see you sometime soon!