Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a little help?

A good friend of ours is getting married on Thursday and we are drawing a serious blank on a wedding gift --don't worry, I'm POSITIVE he doesn't read our blog :)--! They are registered at BBB, but I wasn't excited about anything that wasn't already purchased for them. So, if you would be ever so kind as to share your favorite wedding gift, that you received, or that you love to give (and please keep it clean! :) ) it would really help us out!


  1. My favorite thing we got....and actually we had a whole shower for it, was a "GROCERY SHOWER". It was the best! Please bought laundry baskets, and put tons of canned food, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, all that kind of stuff in. It was awesome, didn't have to buy all that kind of stuff when we first got married. Just an idea....but 20-25 dollars and go a long way at the grocery store. Just an idea!

  2. Kind of random but I liked getting a basket of random office supplies.

  3. We registered for and got a ton of cleaning supplies. I know it sounds lame, but it's one of the only gifts (under $100) that we have made mention of over and over. We haven't spent money on anything but sponges and paper towels since we got married which has been nice.

  4. I just got Chris's Neice 3 white baking dishes that I wish we would have got as a gift. They cam in a box of 3 different sizes! Go look at Ross!!

  5. Thanks for all your awesome suggestions!!

  6. I know I'm late, but here's my list:
    a first aid kit in a cool little tupperware box
    a small fire proof safe
    our fondue pot
    our crepe maker
    a bucket filled with cleaning supplies (the nice kind from don aslett)

    6 years later and these are the most used gifts I can think of

    p.s. i also think the non-perishable grocery idea is awesome

    pps I always see things at TJ maxx that would be awesome wedding gifts

  7. I am late on this, but the very best, most memorable gift that we received was a Christmas tree.

    Thought it was a little weird getting a Christmas tree in May, but we still use it every year.