Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Katie!

Katie wrapped up her forth marathon(Top of Utah) yesterday. She and my sister, Malissa, both participated and had a great experience. Great job you two! -nate


Came home this morning and Katie had spotted our new backyard guest. I think is is a Great horned owl. I compared with pictures of screech, Burrowing, and Barn owls but that was my conclusion. Any thoughts? He/she has been there all day. I think it is way cool! -nate


  1. Looks like a Tytonidae owl..Im actually really an owl whisperer, I actually know a little bit more about them. I've actually owned a few and instead of finding them in my backyard I find them on our front porch waiting by the door. Owls actually love our family and are around us daily..I guess I just know a little bit more than most about owls. Im just sayin!

  2. Interesting...I was actually raised by a flock of owls. In fact, I am sitting high upon a perch while I type this response. I learned to speak owl before I learned to fly or walk. I used to know people that had owls hang out on their porches, they would try to whisper to them, but owls dont actually like whispering, they prefer whoooing... I guess you just havent learned that yet. I guess I just know a little bit more than you about owls/owling...ya know. :)