Friday, June 10, 2011

the progress

I thought I would share the progress of our little garden I posted about a while ago.

The garden today.

I'm so excited for all this tasty stuff!!! We have raspberries, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and broccoli in this box. We also have another little garden area where we are growing some of the same stuff as well as rhubarb, peas, bell peppers and strawberries.
There is just something fun about making a sandwich and pulling a fresh lettuce leaf off the plant to put on it. As usual, I can't really take much credit for all this goodness... aside from being really good at choosing a husband. :) I love that guy!


  1. Again Andy... maybe you'll get the only raspberry again! :)

  2. lovely garden, hopefully we get some tomatoes before the first frost!

  3. Love your greenhouse and your amazing garden...but when will you post again?