Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice Fishing

We woke up at 5:30 this morning and headed down to Manuta Lake to meet Nate's dad for some ice fishing. Nate has gotten really into it the past few years and this year he, his dad and his brother-in-law, Chris, each got some "essentials" for Christmas so now they pretty much have everything they need. His dad got a really sweet shanty, he and Chris got 'Mr. Buddy' propane heaters, and he and his dad each got sleds to pull all their gear.

My little fisherman...

They have been catching a lot of Blue Gill and some Trout.

Nate had a nice fish sandwich for lunch. I, on the other hand, had a ham sandwich... not a fish eater. I did taste it, and it was good, but not good enough to be my lunch. :)

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  1. Yum! That looks delicious. Katie, you are very dedicated wife.