Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Projects

The headlights on our Civic have gotten so cloudy (it been driving Nate crazy). So, today he went and bought a refurbishing kit and went for it. Here's the before...

And after!!
We're both really happy with the results (especially Nate)! :) can see I was in the process of cleaning out the garage while he did it (notice all the junk along the side of the garage).


  1. hmmm. We tried doing one of those and it didn't work. Which one did you use?

  2. andy's headlights are way bad! can you give us the name of the product?

  3. It is the best one out there, according to my friend tyler, and I concur. It is the 3M brand. You will find it amongst the headlights and fuses at Autozone (not with the other kits found in the cleaners). It has a drill attachment for high quality sanding and polish application, setting it apart from its competitors. Don't be fooled by the lower prices, claiming the same results. This kit is $24 and well worth it for the feelings of joy and satifaction that it brings. I have used multiple 3M products and am forever loyal.
    May you all have good results:) -Nate