Wednesday, July 21, 2010


These are a few of our favorite things...
Our trumpet flowers, the humming bird feeder (not so much the feeder, as the cute little birds it attracts) and... our new WINDOW UNIT!! We both had Monday off work and after switching from sitting in the house to out in the shade in the back yard most of the day, we decided it would be worth the money to have somewhere to keep us from going insane from the heat!

We're finally getting some color in our yard! I wish I could say I had much to do with it... but I don't. Nate is outside every night watering and planting flowers. My contribution is pretty much pulling weeds and complimenting him on how great it's looking. :)

We put a little patio area in the back of the yard in the shade; it's been nice to have somewhere to eat and relax out there.

Mose LOVES playing in the hose water!

We are trying out a new spot for another garden area this year, it gets a lot more sun so everything seems to be doing really well. We had a bunch of peas a few weeks ago, the lettuce has been great, but the season is coming to an end... as you can see. We should have a plethera of peppers and some strawberries, we're really excited!


  1. AC - must be so nice! has been so hot the last few nights. i don't mind during the day, but trying to sleep when it is hot is miserable!

  2. Yard looks AWESOME! We are thankful everyday for AC at our house!

  3. I tot understand how much you love the window unit!!!! We have 3! The yard looks fab, nice work Nate. love your guts guys

  4. Wow, your yard looks really nice!! What a great job Nate! It's so fun having your own yard that you can do what you want with it. Enjoy the AC and the beautiful yard.:)