Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring is here

I love the spring!! It's been so fun to be able to go outside and play with Mose, go running, bike riding, work in the yard, see all the pretty blossoms, have campfires in the backyard and it's not too hot yet! Since the most entertainment in our life right now is our dog... here are some cute pics of him.

Cousins... :) Hallie tells Mose when she doesn't want him in her space, it's so funny! But she did let him ride with her in the wheelbarrow at Nate's parents house. That girl is a little cutie!

Nate has been taking Mose over to a park around the block a lot lately. Mose loves riding in the bike trailer, in the back of the truck, or on the scooter. People we pass always seem to get a kick out of seeing the three of us on there!

We got some bubbles for this funny dog... he loves chasing and biting at them, it's so funny to watch.

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