Sunday, June 27, 2010

Base Camp

We decided to head into the wild with one of Angie and Devin's wicked, simply rugged, Mig trailers ( We headed up to Porcupine Dam Saturday night. We set up camp and Mose and I took the kayak out on the lake while katie sat on a stump whittlin some animal figurines with her new pocket knife. He refused to stand anywhere except the front tip of the kayak...he also fell off twice while we paddled around...nerd. We got up there kinda late so we cooked some hot dogs, played some cards and went to bed. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and a little fishing time, then back home to church. Good time. -nate
By the way, just kidding about katie whittling, Im not sure what she was doing while we were gone.


  1. Katie... It is so stinkin good to hear from you! Its been way way to long! How are you? I had no idea you were just up in logan... me you and lins should go to lunch one day!

  2. I thought I smelled camp fire on Sunday... just kidding! This looks like you guys had fun and that tent trailer is really cool!

  3. Hey its mom! Love the camper. Looks like you
    three had lots of fun! We want to see the carvings of the animals that Katie made!

  4. I dont believe Katie was carving animals....but I can definently see my big bro doing that.........and good job on your run Katie! Your pretty darn awesome!