Friday, January 20, 2012


When Nate gets a project in mind, he reminds me of a kid on Christmas eve, so anxious and excited he just can't stand it! He recently had the idea to build a wood burning stove for our garage. Well... here it is.

He also reminds me of a kid when he puts on these bad boys. Yes, my hubby wears overalls, with PRIDE. That's what growing up in Georgia has done to him. :) I never would have thought I could love a man in overalls, but I sure do! He's such a hard worker and so good at taking care of our little family (me and Mose, that is)!


  1. that's quite the project! I hope he's planning to use this stove to warm your car up each and every morning before work.

  2. That is awesome. Both the stove and the overalls.

  3. Nathan, I don't think you are using that step ladder in an safe manner...

  4. Oh my!!! Those overalls are priceless and super sexy. Haha

    1. i usually wear them w/o a shirt, but it was cold that day :)

  5. Wow, that stove looks awesome! Matt has a pair of Carhart overalls that are pretty cute too!

  6. I also grew up in georgia and you couldnt pay me to wear those babies!......ok maybe you could! You should have seen him wear them on his riding mower! That stove looks pretty cool. Nice work!