Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nightstand and Cinnamon Rolls... yum!

I don't know why, but I was really excited about this little nightstand... We found it at the DI for pretty cheap and a little primer, paint and glaze and...
voila... (or however you would spell that)

We thought it would be funny if we put Mose's bed in it and could get him to sleep in there, but he wasn't having it. He would start to get in and then jump back all freaked out. We're not giving up... with a little coaxing I think he could really like it! Please ignore the empty frame on our wall, it's taken us over a year to even get this far with any decorations in our room. Now for a lamp for our nightstand...
I got ambitious this week and made cinnamon rolls for the first time in my life!!! My awesome mom pretty much coached me through it. I called her from the store to see if she had any good recipes and then picked up the items I didn't have while she instructed me on where to find them. Then when I got home and called her so I could write down the recipe, she was in the process of making her own cinnamon rolls! (I think she did it so she could help me while I did it!) I was pretty proud of myself for two reasons... 1. I used real yeast for the first time. 2. I kneaded the dough (not for the first time, but, well... it may have been a first too -I don't remember)
my dough...
Here they are before I put them in.
And taadaa...
They were pretty good, but I'm excited to try it again so I can do it a little different to hopefully perfect them! I'm not much of a cook, I pretty much avoid it unless it has to do with eggs or chopping vegi's. hehe! Poor Nate, I always tell him, 'you knew what I was when you picked me up'. (anyone know what that's from?)
until next time.


  1. OOO! I'll have to get the recipe! My mom's recipe isn't that good. PS I went to drop something off at your parents house the other day and I made your parents give me a tour through the whole thing. It brought back so many memories!!! I haven't been in the house in so long! Remember when we used to play restaurant? Oh I miss the good ole days.

  2. Katie we totally use that snake phrase with each other, too! Sorry we couldn't see you when we came out to Utah-next time... And you are so good at decorating and refurbishing stuff-who needs to cook?

  3. I am coming by to drop off the mail bag, and I hope you have one of those left for me :)

  4. I LOVE!! the nightstand. And the rolls look delicious.

  5. By the way, your bedroom (all the pictures on the wall, your paint color, your bedspread, everything) looks adorable.

  6. KT,

    LOVE the nightstand! You are so daring with the bright colors and always looks so cute. I have been looking around our house for something to refinish so I can try your technique. By the way I am DYING for one of those cinnamon rolls!!! If only they were nearby.

  7. I LOVE your nightstand and your blue table!!! Great job with the cinnamon rolls too! They look amazing! I've never done the yeast thing because it makes me nervous. By the way, it was good to see you the other day! Hopefully we will get to move to Logan someday and then we can hang out a little more!;)